I shot a big old doe yesterday morning with my T/C super 45 encore using a 245 grain red hot made by Barnes and a 100 grains of Jim Shocky's American Pioneer Gold pellets. The shot was a hard quartering away shot at a steep angle. Bullet entered through the spine and exited out the front right shoulder. It was about a 35-yard shot and there was no tracking required. Spine was severed and right front leg shattered. Had a good entrance and exit wound the only thing about this load is getting the sabot down the barrel after the first shot, oh my gosh you had better have packed your lunch. The pellets perform very well, not as much smoke and no greasy residue like that left with some of the other powders, clean up was a breeze. Anyone else tried Shocky’s American Pioneer Gold? I think I’ll give it an “A” for performance and clean up.
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