Since I'm tagged out for this ML season I am going to try the 300grn XTP's before rifle season gets started. I bought the TC brand (non-mag) 300 grn bullets that come with the black 4 petal sabots. I have heard that these are hard to load and I have found that the Omega needs to be swabbed after every shot to allow the bullet to properly seat. I experienced difficulty loading TC 250 grn shockwaves even with the easy glide sabots.The second and subsequent shots required serious pressure to get them all the way down onto the pellets unless I ran a couple of "spit patches" between shots.

Heres my question:

Am I going to have trouble loading these XTP's with the black sabot? What about using the shockwave sabots with the XTP's? (both bullets mike at .451) Or, is there another sabot that you have used that works well with these bullets and provides good accuracy with 100grns 777 pellets?

Current load 100grns 777 with 250grn shockwave. I'd like to stay with the same powder load if possble.

Thanks Guys,

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