We own 204 acres. There is no hunting on 2 sides of our property and limited on the other 2. We killed no bucks last year and a 2.5 yr old nice racked 9 point the year before. We farm about 30 acres and the rest is primarily wooded with broken open spaces across rolling hills and 1 tall ridgeline. We have a majority of hardwood but about 20 acres is covered in cedars, mock orange etc. We have done fall green fields only and this year they are pitiful. With all that background here is my question: Is this tract of land just too small to worry about QDM or serious management? When I read on the topic it just seems that they are always talking about a lot more land. On the other hand I just feel we could do more than simple green fields (although I have followed the planting ideas so often posted on this site). My dad raised me a wingshooter and I am just trying to learn more about handling the land for deerhunting. Any comments or responses from the experts would be greatly appreciated.