Well, I finally connected on a Buck this evening. A nice fat 4 point just right for jerky. This was my first deer harvested using TC shockwaves 250 grn. (100grns 777 pellets) I have to say i'm not impressed. While the deer only went 25yrds before pilling up for good, there was no exit and ZERO blood on the ground. Shot was 125yrds quartering away. Bullet entered just behind the near side ribs and drove through both lungs ending up lodged in the chest wall behind the off shoulder.There was a small entry hole, no exit, and no blood for tracking if the need had arisen. I would hate to have tried to track this deer in heavy cover in low light. I guess I'm gonna have to look for somethignt that will give pass throughs from my Omega. Has anyone got first hand experience with 300 grn XTP's ???

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