I been told you were the resident expert.

Dady just bought a REM Sendero-II in 264 Win Mag,He called today tore up,,he said the dang bbl is marked 264 WM the Brass is 264 Win Mag and the bullets are 140 SGK,He said the book COL was 3.340 and he couldnot chamber a round,,I told him to chill,I heard Rem was gettin complaints on the freebore and had shortened some up,,he screwed it down to 3.200 and everything chambered real good,,didn`t ask about the load he was using,but do you think he oughta back way off before shooting or is this normal,,My Hornady manual lists 3.210 as COL for 140~s????

BTW the scope is the Leupold 3.5-10x50 with B&c reticle.