I am now the proud owner of 85 acres of land in Buzzard Roost, Fentress County! I have been saving all of my Army pay for this exact purpose and I finally found the place I wanted a few months ago. I had to wait quite a while for the owner to get a lien off of it but it is now mine. It is rough mountain land that is going to require alot of work but I am excited about it. Ive already identified several flat areas to clear for food plots and have alot of plans for food plots and shooting houses. First order of business is to get the old road fixed up nice and then I can work on all that. Im sure Ill have many questions in the future about all this. I have been hunting this area for 8 years and have 300 acres or so to hunt that borders and am only 1/4 mile from 1300 acres that I hunt. A 214 inch nontypical was killed 1/4 mile away on the 1300 acres and a 170 inch typical was killed on a farm bordering mine so the potential is there! I am just really happy right now. Here is an aerial photo of the area. There is only 2 fields within 2 miles so food plots should really draw them in. I cant get the aerial photo load right but here is a link to terrasever.
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