And it will probably suprise some of yall. All I have got to try so far has been 125 Partitions and 140 SST's. I couldnt get the Partitions to shoot any better than an inch so I scrapped them, anyone need some? lol For the 140 SST's I tried different weights of Varget first, and got a load that was shooting .5 consistently and had a few .6 groups as well. This evening i loaded up 50 gr of H-1000(compressed load) at .10 off the lands with the 140 SST and had consistent .4 groups. I do believe I will stick with this one! I usually trade rifles away if they dont shoot .5 or better so looks like the Remmy found a new home with me. I do have more load testing to do with it as Im going to try 120 gr BT's and 130 AB's but I am pleased so far. I lent the rifle to a friend for the juvenile hunt and he got a little doe with it so it should be lucky lol
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