I know what most of you will say, TC all the way. I have read the threads

However, I only use my ML 5 or 6 times a year, and dont really want to spend $400-$600 on one, so i think the latter will be fine. I have checked them all, CVA, knight, T/C etc... and have narrowed it down to the 2 in the title, mainly because of reviews I have heard, and the price

Traditions Pursuit LT with camo/nickel $239
Omega with black/bleu $298

$50 isnt a make or break deal for me, but i would rather have the camo/nickel barrel, but for the omega, that puts you in the $400 plus range.

of the 2, what would you prefer? anyone had to deal with traditions as far as warranty? I know TC stands behind theirs, dont know about traditions, and the spain versus US factor is truly my only concern right now with service, parts, etc..