I swear, one thing after another.

I posted a week or so ago about my Browning Abolt. Well, it was the clip, my spare works fine.

I go to Eagle Creek and shoot a deer on Saturday with my Abolt. After picking up camp, I then head to our farm on Sunday to meet my dad to work on stands. While he is shooting his Abolt .270 I decide that since I haven't shot at 100 yards this year I would throw it up. I shoot, 1.5" high, PERFECT.

I get home, unload truck and eat supper. That night, I go to garage to clean both rifles. (I take two everywhere) I get Abolt out and THE FREAKIN STOCK IS BUSTED ON THE FOREARM!!!!!!!! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

I don't mean small crack either. My factory walnut stock has a small crack in it (very small and probably not hurting anything) but I have a Ram-Line composite on the gun and that is what cracked. I mean you can put a dang dollar bill and run it in and out. GRRRR

Last night I put the Nikon on the BAR .270 that I don't want to hunt with. If I can get my 30.30 to shoot good, I'm going to hunt with it. I have my .300RUM for those clearcuts/fields. I'm just ticked about this.

I guess I'm looking for a stock now. GRRRRR

I needed to vent, thanks for reading this. LOL
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