Does anyone still use #11 pcaps? This afternoon I fired the first two shots at paper without problems. However, I then started experiencing misfires(the first that I have ever had with an inline gun). I was using Remington #11 caps which are 3 or 4 years old, and the green insert(primer) appeared to be separating from the cap and clogging the nipple after the bolt fell. I cleaned out the nipple from the outside, and it appeared to separate and the green appeared to be in the hole again, on subsequent "shots". Also, this is the first batch of 777(fffg) loose that I have ever used, but I can't imagine that being the problem since the first two shots went off as expected. However, I know that it is much finer than Pyrodex which I have used before, so I wonder. I have a 209 breech plug and bolt for the gun(Knight Wolverine) which I plan to try thursday. However, I tried it last year, and it was fine except that the primers seated in the hole very hard, and were hard to extract when fired. Anybody ever experience any similar problems?

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