Last week I was trying to sight in my new Omega and couldn't get a good group at 100 yards. I was using 90 gr. powder and a 250 gr. shockwave. I bought 2 different kind of bullets and some 777 pellets and went back today.
I started out with 110 gr. of powder and the same 250 gr. shockwave and still didn't get the results I wanted so I switched to 2 777pellets and a 240 Hornady xtp. The groups improved but not what I wanted. I then tried 2 777 pellets and the new Knight easy load sabots with 290 gr. Barnes bullets. This proved to be the winning combo. I shot 4 shots, I felt myself pull the third so I shot the fourth. 3 of the 4 are touching at 100 yards, so I gave it a few clicks to bring 'em left and now I'm good to go.

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