The pics. below are of a buck I shot in 2004, and did not recover. After the shot and upon inspecting the scene it was obvious the shot was high and the deer may or may not survive. Well last year (first year w/ trail cams) he shows up on the cam 150 yards from where I first shot him as a 3.5 year old 8 pt., well now he is a 6 pt. and best guess is 5.5 years old.

This year he shows up on the cams again and is still a 6 pt. and more then likely 6.5 years old. Well a week ago Thursday I let him walk even after he presented me with numerous 20 yard shots.

The question is from a mgt. standpoint should I remove him or should I let him live since he survived one blow from me already.

The pics. are from 2 years if you look at the dates and you can clearly see the healed wound right behind the shoulder as well. Keep in mind this is in GA and not here in TN, I have one tag left in GA as I killed a good 8 pt. last week.

I don't believe in Cull Bucks and this deer has a genetic trait that a few of the deer on my place exhibit which is short tines, wide racks, and giant bodies. BTW the pics. do not do this deer justice he is a beast, looks like a horse in the woods.

So what do you think or what would you do?