Used the american pioneer powder last year and it took some tweaking to get it to shoot well. Liked it a lot when I finally got it dialed in.

Went to the range Sat and bullets are scattered all over the place again. I think it is 2 things.

#1 inconsistant loading volume. When I pour powder into my measure the volume keeps changing as the powder "packs" itself. I swear you could pour 105 gr, set the measure on a table and come back 5 minutes later and it would be 90gr.

#2. Inconstant seating depth. 100gr pyrodex pellets seats the bullet 1/2" further out than the loose APP powder. When I seat the bullet over loose powder it has a mushy feel when it first contacts the powder. It will then seat another 3/4" deeper as you compress the powder.

Dont have time to tweak all the variables so Im going to switch back to 100 gr pyrodex pellets.

Anybody else have a very finicky MZ when using loose powder? What do you do to insure consistant results?
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