I've seen a product on a climbing stand manufacturer's website (I believe it was Summit) that offers some sort of "blind" material that attaches to the stand's rails and conceals movement.

I don't care to spend $100 to accomplish what I think I can do for a lot cheaper on my own.

That said, has anyone tried attaching camo netting to the rails of your climber and let it hang freely below you? Any tips on how to make this work the best. I'm just looking for a good way to buy an extra bit of concealment when setting up a shot with bow or gun.

Although I haven't tried it yet, ideas that have come to mind are:

1) Attaching velcro straps to the netting so that it can be hung after getting set up in the tree

2) Weighing down the bottom of the net in a few places with something (rocks maybe?) so that the wind doesn't blow it too badly

3) Attaching a couple of pockets to the inside of the netting to give me spots to hang stuff AND weigh down the net so it won't move as much.

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