I just got a call from my doctor with news I didn't want to hear. I'm glad to find out why I've been having bad headaches for the past couple of months but it means no shooting for now. I had an MRI done today at my own request and found out that I have a chronic subdural hematoma which is an accumulation of blood around the outside of the brain caused by leakage in a blood vessel. I've been on Coumadin for years and this time it's slowed me down. I don't wind up going into the hospital today as long as my symptoms don't get worse for now. I knew when I got a call from the M.D. only an hour or two after the MRI that something was up. Common sense tells me not to let loose a few 35 Whelens or 300 RUMs until I get permission. I hope this isn't long term. Maybe I can hunt from the ground with a crossbow? Next week will find out more. Your thoughts and prayers would be appreciated. This may not belong in the shooting forum but I post here more than anywhere else and know more of the regulars here. Thanks for listening to my "Whining".
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