Here's the deal. I have a Browning Abolt II that I got back in 1994. It has been a heck of a gun and still shoots incredible groups with factory loads. Must I say, I love this rifle.

In 2003 I noticed one morning that the stock was cracked around the grip. Not knowing how bad or deep the crack was, I put it up. In 2005, I bought a composite stock. It is a Ram-line and wasn't even shopping for it but a friend had it (still packaged) and wanted like $25 for it. I had to do some sanding but it fits good and most of the work was to get the barrel floating again. All was good in '05 (shot two great bucks with it).

Well, last year while hunting one day I noticed the shell would load from the clip. It is usually the last shell but sometimes it may be the second. First shell always loads.

I thought maybe the clip guard wasn't locking high enough but it appears fine. My dad mentioned maybe a spring in the clip has weakened.

Anyone have any experience with this. Now, before I tell this, I am planning on trying it. I have a spare clip and plan on trying it tonight to see if it is indeed the clip. Remember, since 1994, I have unloaded many clips, especially while dog hunting in Alabama. I don't even know if the clip has a spring in it. Never looked or paid attention I guess. My mind is blank right now.

Any insight on this problem would be nice. LOL
Official BTR Scorer in NW Alabama and southern middle Tennessee