I usually buy most of if not all of my reloading equipment from benton shooters but not this time.

As y'all know I got a good .270 off buzzr46 and plan to handload it. I can get Lee RGB dies from cabelas for $17 (including shipping) or RCBS FL dies from benton shooters for $34 (not including tax)...I dont think so. Its pretty sad that I can order a box of bullets and dies and even after shipping it would still be cheaper.

I aint tryin to bash benton shooters because I still go there to get as much of my gear as possible but $34 for RCBS dies?? [censored] man, I used to be able to get the same dies for $24 there.
Spike bucks come with their own meat skewers.

Alright, I'm here now who wants my autograph??