Last August the wife and I put out about a 4yd. x 13yd. plot in damp soil next to a creek. I figured the stuff would thrive in the damp soil during this drought. We cleared the ground and I broke & busted up the ground as best humanly possible with a hard rake. (this was way out in the woods) We sprayed it all down with Roundup and went over that with "Throw&Grow" as advised by the local archery shop.

We got miniscule results. Three weeks later we put the 13-13-13 as well as pelletized lime to it as advised by Lowe's. Still not much result.

Wondering about the soil, we prepared another spot nearby with some Mossy Oak no plow stuff. No round up this time, and 13-13-13 with the seeds, lime pellet too. We soaked the ground with water from our garden sprayer. This plot up the ridge a ways out of the moist creek bottom dirt did practically nothing at all!

Are either of these salvagable? What to do? Reseed? Fertilize?
Put out corn till' muzzle loader season? UGH were meat hunters, dont eat commercial meat and got it bad for steak!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




John 14:6