I shall give it a try.
Rem Case
Barnes 120 gr X with 3 grooves.
OAL is 2.86

Set the die to seat 2.80. When seated the bullet hits the case right at the top of the top groove in the bullet. Not enough there to crimp as bullet still loose.
Reset die to seat 2.76 and that hit midway. Now for some reason when crimped the bullet will not move up and down in the case but I can twist it with my fingers. More crimp needed I thought so I made it crimp a little more. Pulled the bullet out of the case on the next two even with a little more crimp. Added more crimp and it pulled the next bullet out of the case. Each time I had to screw the seater plug down to get the bullet to drop out.
Loaded Barnes in a 270 wsm and never had this problem before.

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