Swift has a new line of scopes with a super resolving premiers, it's suppose to have 96% better light gathering ability than the older models. I can get a 4x12 x50mm for $224.00 plus 19.00 shipping. Anyone have any experience with there.

My neighbor has a tasco exp 3-9 x42/54mm scope, they dont make these anymore, but said they allowded 98% of light to get to the shooter.They have a view kind of like the older redfields tv view.The obj. lense is 42mm high and 54mm wide for more light. The scope has like a rubber finish on it ,The guy swears by it, i took it out tonight with my redfield 3-10x50mm illuminator made in denver, and a simmons pro 50 2.5-10x 50mm. The tasco blowded them away in every aspect. Yall know of anything on this scope
" Donniebrook "