I laid out a 60x90' plot saturday morning and sprayed it with round up. Later that afternoon, my neighbor came over and rotovatored it for a couple inches deep.

I was waiting on the rain before I seeded but am headed to Catoosa tomorrow so I thought I would spread it today banking on the rain coming tomorrow (supposedly).

Well on the way down the hill in the Blazer after seeding, I got a drop or two... By the time I hit Gander Mtn (2.5 miles) I was in the middle of a nice little drizzle that lasted about 20 minutes. I am hoping that was enough to set the seed for the rain thats coming.

I dropped:

4.5lbs of Tecomate Monster Mix with chicory and 4 different types clover.

2.25lbs of Tecomate Ultra Forage Standside with rape seed, turnips, clover and chicory.

Do you guys recommend anything else on top of that?
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