Just not with wimmins..........

I went to the range with the hired gun (270WSM) and my 300 Saum, and had a very productive day.

I had tried H4831sc in the 270 last time out, so I tried other powders today and used Accurate Arms Magpro, Winchester WXR, and RL19.

That Magpro is some fast stuff and clocked 3400 with the 130`s but accuracy was poor, I went to the Winchester WXR and was able to quit right there. I had a 4 shot group in the .6`s and 3300 FPS on the dot.

The next rifle I broke out was my 300 Saum and I tried RL15 and N540 in it today.

The N540 was the right choice with a 5 shot group at .656"

You cannot argue with STUPID