I opted to start a new thread about this instead of high jacking the round ball/conical thread.

How many of you have actually retrieved bullets, fragments, or other strange items from some of the deer you have harvested.

Here are a few bullets I have found over the past 28 yrs.

12ga slug, front shoulder opposite side, 100 yd shot.

Two 7mm Rem. Mag, One broadside shoulder, The long flat one hit a tree branch and flipped end over end 10ft before hitting the buck.

Next two are the same bullet, .444 Marlin, shot deer straight on in the base of the neck at 75 yds, found bullet in left rear ham, between meat and hide. Perfect mushroom.

I have taken two deer over the yrs that had arrows in them, One in the spine the other was shot really far back and the arrow broke off in frt of the right rear leg. That buck was very badly infected and was not salvageable.

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