My nephew is 11, has gotten his Hunter's Ed. Certification, and is dying to hunt. I've taken him with me hunting a few times, and we've shot his pellet gun a bunch. It's time to step up and start practicing with a deer rifle.

There are so many other things vying for his time. I need something reliable but inexpensive because I have no idea if soccer, girls, video games or whatever will win the battle. His father, my brother, doesn't hunt, and I only get a few windows every year to feed his hunting fire. Unfortunatley, I can't break the bank on this one.

His 12th birthday is November 4th, and I'm stepping up to the plate by buying him his first deer rifle. I didn't start hunting until my late 20s (with a 30.06), so I don't have the knowledge to buy something. I need someone to hold my hand with caliber, model, scope, heck everything. Please help a young would-be hunter out with suggestions. Thanks so much.
It is not the killing ...; it is the contest of skill and cunning. The true hunter counts his achievement in proportion to the effort involved and the fairness of the sport.

Dr. Saxton Pope