I bought a lightly used Rem 700 Titanium Mountain Rifle in 7-08 this past summer after they were discontinued. I've been planning to start my kids out on it after finding a wood stock to cut down to around 11" LOP. I decided to go ahead and work up loads for it even though the kids are a couple years away from using it.

Bone stock Rem Ti, except I lightened the trigger pull and replaced the bolt shroud with an ultralight callahan speedlock. Topped it with a VX-III 2.5-8 x 36 in lightweight Talley rings

Total weight of the rig is just under 6 lbs with scope and everything.

Started out with Reloader 19 and 140gr Ballistic Tips. The barrel was squeaky clean (all powder and copper removed prior to this range session), so I wasn't surprised the first shot was off a little. The rest of the group (4 shots) measured 0.40" at 100 yards. Just like that, load development complete on the first grouping I put through the gun. Unfortunately, it wasn't quite light enough for the chrono to register, so I'll roll another few groups to confirm precision and check velocity, then she'll be good to go.

I've never gotten lucky with the first group of handloads to shoot under 1/2 MOA, it seems like I've always had to tinker just a little to get them there. I'm spoiled now