Something to think about here for us serious QDM hunters!!
I know QDMA is working on a publication titled Living with whitetail deer,... but do we as serious deer hunters ever stop to think about those who don't hunt and absolutely hate the deer??

My parents live in a subdivision right on city limits here in cannon county. My brother and i have always been big deer hunters ,.. but my father and mother could care less for hunting. We took a few deer there years ago before so many houses went up,.. but after that , shooting a gun is out of the question. Well, the past 5 years or so the deer population has exploded!! Its nothing to see deer by the dozens up in there. And needless to say,.. eating and destroying all the dollars spent on landscaping and gardens. And my father is not happy at all.
Its got to the point were not even deer repellent spray is working!!
I've purchased a crossbow and plan on killing as many as i can take and give away ,.. but i've told them,.. better get use to them ,.. can't kill'em all , plus more will just move back in.
Its only a matter of time before more people like my parents start having a huge voice against the deer. Its been a problem for farmers for years,.. but now its increasing into the city limits and causing problems.
What can we as serious deer hunters do to help besides kill a few?? What can be done period?? How can property owners in these situations protect their investments on their landscaping and gardens if deer repellents want even work??
I even purchased them some stuff that was suppose to be deer tend to avoid plantings,.. they still ate it.
This is something that is way off topic for this forum in the norm,.. but if QDMA is taking the time to do a publication on it,.. it must be a serious problem in many more locations than what we would think. So i thought it might make for a good discussion,. plus i might learn something to help my parents.
QDMA member...Cannon co.
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