I can't remember the exact reason for the article. Don't matter, I still saw something interesting. lol

They had the sheds of a buck from LA I think. 1.5-6.5y/o.

Nothing special really, he was a spike (6"or so) his 1.5 year. The next 5 went like this.

2- 8pt
4- Huge 6pt

YEs, the 4y/o year is what was interesting. He went from an 8pt his 3.5y/o antlers to a big 6pt and then back to an 8pt.

I'm guessing this deer was a pet and therefore got all the food he needed and well taken care of. I'm thinking it was a captive deer at MSU.

I wonder how many times wild bucks do this. How many will actually lose points at 3.5 or 4.5, be shot for "cull" bucks when they weren't actually "genetically" inferior.
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