Getting off to a late start, but we've got a neighboring farmer who is planting for us tomorrow. He'll do whatever we want. I got these plot recipes from this sight and was going to choose one and go buy and mix seed.

There's a good chance we lose the lease after this deer season. Will the all seed in the below recipes come up this fall/winter? I was thinking the clover mixes wouldn't come up until next spring. Is it worth planting them if I never see the property again after January? What comes up when? Any advice? Thanks in advance.


25 lbs wheat
25 lbs oats20 lbs winter peas (I've heard this will get mowed down before it can grow in small plots)
5 lb arrowleaf clover
5 lb dwarf essex rape

50 lbs oats or wheat
15 lb crimson clover
5 lb arrowleaf clover
5 lb dwarf essex rape
then in july,.. bush-hog and overseed in buckwheat.

Dwarf essex rape 6 lbs
Australian Winter Peas 30 lbs
Oats 30 lbs
Winter Wheat 30 lbs
Arrowleaf Clover 5 lbs
Crimson Clover15 lbs
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