We limed in the spring; bush hogged, sprayed and disked during the summer, and now have finally planted all.

The first 12 were planted a little over 2 weeks ago, and were done "by the book"; meaning that we disked, sowed wheat & oats, cultipacked, sowed clover/DER mix and cultipacked again. Received rain within a couple of days, and all but 1 has come up. The one that did not come up very well is in very poor ridgetop red dirt, and was our first stab in this spot. We did hit again with DER Tues afternoon.

The next 6 were planted this past Tues. and we disked, sowed wheat & oats, cultipacked, then sowed the clover/DER mix. Did not cultipack the 2nd time due to be almost out of tractor fuel
and daylight. Got rain on them yesterday and today.

The last 4 were planted (sort of) yesterday afternoon. We got them disked and the oats/wheat sowed, and then the bottom fell out. I mean a good ole fashion frog strangler. The last seed was spread in the rain. I guess that we'll go back right before the next rain and overseed the clover/DER and see what happens. Had thought about trying to cultipack them on Sat if it is dry enough, but not sure that is a good idea or not....Suggestions?

We've got tons of turkeys that I'm sure will be feasting on the exposed seed. However, our seed bed was probably a good 4-6" deep, and with the downpour that we received yesterday maybe some were driven into the soft dirt.

At any rate, it'll be interesting to see how they all fare.