We have 40 acres of land that has a good bit of open land on it. My parents live there and we do more deer watching that huning on this tract. This is a Unit A property, and the deer herd is not exeptional, but there are a decent amount. We are going to plant several plots on it, and wanted some tips.

2 or 3 plots will be around 1/4 - 1/2 acre in size.

There are some good places we plan to plant long and narrow strips between woods. These strips/logging roads are about 15 feet wide and will be around 200 or so feet in length. There are several of these areas we will plant something. We had a feeder and camera in these areas last year and got some nice activity, so I think they will be productive.

I mainly wonder about he mixture for the 1/4-1/2 acres plots. I saw BSK's mix and it sounds great from what I have read. Should I go with that? (Oats, clover, dex) Do you typically mix the seed together before planting, or plant the field in sections?

I also want to plan the Austrian winter peas. I know this isnt recommended in small plots, but I really dont know how much it will matter in this area, not an abundace of deer, at least I dont think anyway. I am building a 4x6 box stand over one of these plots near the woods where we have seen a lot of activity, my 5 yr. old girl is begging to go hunting, and i want to have the best mix possible planted near it, so she can see some good deer activity.

I have some oats, but anyone know the best place to get the clover, winter peas and DEX? I am in tipton/shelby county area. Our tipton county coop no longer sells retail, but we have Stockdales. Would traactor supply carry any?

Thx for any tips.

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