Well their eye relief sucks.
I know most of y'all probly never heard of center point but its a el cheapo $70 tactical scope walmart sells. Its got a really nice 1/4" adjustment that has threaded rings that you loosen and tighten to adjust the windage/elevation, also has a very sharp mil-dot retical, adjustable objective, and crosshair illuminator that is red or green, and it comes with rubber butler creek style flip caps. Comes in 3-9x40AO and 4-16x40AO (the one I have is 4-16x). I like everything about it except for 2 things....

The scope is roughly 16" long and the eye relief is ok BUT I have it on my .300 Win Mag and 3" eye relief sucks with a gun that big. Oh yeah, they come with some pretty badass scope rings too, only thing is they are as high as see throughs but they aint see through rings but geez are these rings built strong. For cheapo rings, Id put them against nikon or burris rings anyday.
Spike bucks come with their own meat skewers.

Alright, I'm here now who wants my autograph??