I had a good food plot this year with summer annuals (soybeans, corn, sunflowers, iron clay peas), despite the drought! But because I can only plant on 2 acres (and maybe also due to the drought), the deer ate it so heavily it looked like it had been mown by Sept. 1st. But the soybeans and iron clay peas in the exclusion cages were 4-5 ft tall! I mowed the field and plowed it. Now I'm waiting on rain.

I bought the Whitetail Institute's Chicory/White Clover mix. I have a tractor, disk, and drag. But I don't have a cultipacker. Seems like I read on this site last year that I can avoid that hassle if I sow my clover just before a good rain is forecast, or during the rain. Will this give decent soil-seed contact and germination?

Since this will be a perrenial field, and it is my only food plot, I see no reason to buy a cultipacker I might not need again for 4-5 years, if I can get away with the easier method. Any thoughts on how well this will work?
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