Well, a long story short. Last year's project was a Fox Ridge Encore. I was going for a .450 Mar to replace my NEF version and to get 26" s/s. Second choice was a 338 Win Mag (do I need one that - no, but I like toys).

The thing is, I did have a .450 already and they didn't make the 338 in S/S. I even ask to be the first. They told me there was a lot of interest in the 338 so I thought I'd have a shot.

It is probably for the best in that I backed down to the old faithful 300 win mag. Faster, flatter, harder than the old .270 the 300WM is a heck of a round. But it is excesive for whitetails. It does put (how do some of the young ones say) put a smack-down on 'em. I mean you never have to doubt if you can punch through a shoulder to get the heart. Still, I kinda always wanted a 338, oh just in case we get invaded by cape buffalow sized house-cats from Mars or something.

Woudn't you know it - this year's Fox Ridge catalog came and since Smith & Wesson bought T/C out - they offer the 338WM. I just don't need annother one and I swore back in Clinton daze I'd never buy anything that S&W touched. \:\/

Just my luck...
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