I just bought a new TC SS 50cal Omega. It is topped with a Leupold VX1 3x9. I'm using 777, Winchester 777 primers, and I'm trying to find a 250-300gr bullet that will yield a good group. I have some Shockwaves and XTP's and some SSTs. I will likely start with 100gr and move up and or down from there.

That brings me to my first question. My powder measure only moves in 10gr clicks do you think I will need to move in 5gr increments?

What are the 3 shot group sizes at 100yd that I should expect or try to achieve before saying that as good as it is going to get from this gun(2 inches, 3, more)?

Should I have a "clean" or wiped down barrel before every shot since my gun will likely be clean on opening day ready for the first shot?

How does your Omega shoot at 100yds and with what load (primer,load,bullet)?

Help appreciated,
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