Found a guy who sells laparoscopic instruments for surgery, he just got a new contract with the local hospital to replace their old scopes with new ones. I asked him what was he going to do with the old ones, he said "just stick them in storage". Told him I could use one and a fiberoptic cable for my guns, long story short, he said sure.

He gave me 2 scopes, a 5mm long scope perfect for rifles, and a shorter 3mm scope good for .22's and handguns as well as the fiberoptic cable to hook up to a flashlight for a lightsource.

I've had fun with the scope, but unfortunately (or fortunately, I guess), my older rifles I've checked all have great bores, no throat erosion. I was kinda hoping to justify rebarreling some of my older guns.

In any case, I ended up with around a grand worth of stuff for free!

The real question is whether I will look like a total nerd the next time I go to a gunshow checking out the bores of the used rifles with my new scope \:\)