Ok heres the situation, My Dad and I lease a 350 acre property here in Fentress that is near town. The deer population is not all that high compared to some parts of the county but we do have a few. Anyway this property is 345 acres of thick thick hardwoods and 5 acres of clearings which we plant in annual fall food plots. We have taken several does off the property but have not taken any mature bucks yet. Weve only had the property 2 years so hopefully its a growing success.
Now here is the issue we have, We have zero or like one buck on this property during the summer and during early bow season. I am on the property alot as it is near my house and I run several cameras on it year round so I keep a close eye on what comes and goes. Now near October 30th we all of a sudden have an influx of bucks(rut range expanders I presume) and usually photograph 3-4 fully mature bucks as well as around 4-6 young bucks. These bucks dont leave after the rut, they hang around all the way through antler shedding time and I get alot of pics of bucks during the spring.
The question here is, what do you think is up with this property having zero or very few bucks during the summer and early bow season? I just dont get it, we have cover out the wazoo and plenty of browse.
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