OK, I know I am nitpicking, but I am not satisfied to hit a pie plate at 100yds and consider that good shooting, as I am also well aware of the kill zone on a whitetail.

I shoot a 7mm-08 as my name implies. I can easily hit in and around a 2" circle at 100yards with my Remington 700 Mountain DM and a Bushnell 4-12x 3200. What drives me crazy is the obvious beating of my heart and the movement associated with that. Now since I can't or don't choose to go asystolic (or stop my heart from beating...HA HA), how does one control this? Is it posture, slow breathing, repetative shooting. How do/did you fine folks train for this? Obviously it doesn't matter too much if it's in the kill zone, but practice makes perfect, and come time for that big buck, the more you shoot the more effeciently and humanly you can kill.

Thank you

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I hunt and fish not for the thrill of the kill, but for the thrill of the grill!!