Not wanting to highjack the "do you butcher your own" thread, I started this one.

Sometime during the early bow or muzzleloader season's here in NY we will get a warm spell, heck two yrs ago during the regular season it was nearly 70* during the day a couple days.

I got an idea and decided to put it motion, A friend and I built two wall sections (2x6 to match the exterior walls of his garage)
We insulated and covered the interior the foil covered insulation board, the exterior with 1/4" plywood. We framed in a door and one opening that coincidently was the same size as his household window A/C unit for a bedroom.

We set the two walls up in the back corner of his garage and bolt together, the ceiling area is already insulated and has the hoist hooks. We simple install A/C unit and plug in, set the temp range and whaaaaaaalaaaaaaaaaaaa........walk in cooler. It works really well. We only set it up is we have several deer and the weather is rather warm for several day.

It measures 6' X 6' inside and has a 12' ceiling.

I hope this may help someone else out, paying to hang and process deer is costly.

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