Linked below may be the greatest invention known to the samll time food plotter or for the plot hard to get equipment into


The easiest and best spreader i have ever used for small seed like rape and clover.

I topped sowed my plots with clover and rape yesterday using this. It was awesome. I got the tip from some website and its right on.

I just sat on the back of the 4 wheeler with the seeder in my lap and seeded away with precision.

My plots are all divided with annuals.

Summer forage mix(sunflowers, peas, beans, and lablab)
Winter mix similiar to chaser's
Rape 6 lbs
AWP 30 lbs
Oats 30 lbs
WW 30 lbs
Arrowleaf Clover 5 lbs
Crimson 15 lbs

I cut strips in my summer plots and seed the winter mix Most are .5 acres to 1.5 acres. That way you keep trafic on the plot. On my smaller plots i just disc in the edges with browse damage and then plant the winter mix. That way you dont get a void time with the plot.

Any way check out the spreader you will be amazed for $60.