We planted 3 1/2 acres of plots yesterday. On 1 acre we put Biologic Green patch plus with brassicas, oats, wheat, and clover. The other 2 1/2 acres we put 250 pounds of oats 250 punds of australian winter peas and 4 pounds of white clover. the ph was reading right at 7 and we put out 400 pound an acre 15-15-15. I will update with picks when it starts comin up can't wait. Here is a pic of use discin it up gotta love big farm eguipment for this job. What do you guys think of the mix. We also got about 1/8 inch rain on it this mornin I can here it growin from the house

There is nothing better in life than enjoying the outdoors with your Kids.

I love to kill big bucks and a ton of ducks with a monster Thunder Chicken in the spring