New to the forum and new to food plots and looking for some help.

I did 4 small plots on about 100 acres for this fall. My best plot(killed, tilled, etc) is now infested with turkeys.. Previously we had seen very few over the past 2-3years. I planted several weeks ago when we were supposed to have rain...NO RAIN. I had wheat, buckwheat, austrian peas, and durana clover. The turkeys moved and have literally plowed my plot, made dusting areas, and have truly enjoyed themselves at my $$$$. Nothing has come up..but, no rain until the other day. I hope the clover seeds are too small for the birds.

How long does it take with adequate rain for clover to germinate, and come up? Should I plant again and hope the turkeys move on? Too bad Knox Co does not have a fall turkey season or it would be payback time? Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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