I was toying with the notion of a fast 25 caliber from shooting with some fellows who campaign 257 Weatherbys. I went looking at the 280 case and was gonna do the 25/280AI untill I realized how bad the BC is for those bullets. I came to my senses, and whipped my 6.5/06 die in the press and necked down the 280 to 6.5 and see what you been talking about. I seated a bullet (my Favorite) 130 grain Accubond to where the bearing surface ends at the case, neck junction aand am now in the process of having a reamer made. I have decided on a .294" loaded round which will mean a very slight clean up pass (001" to .0015) with a neck turner will be needed. I am thinking this rifle with a 26" barrel will push the 130 to right at 3250 to crowding 3300 fps.

Want one?
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