I went down to the plot this evening after work and took my camera with me. Below are some photos. The deer are hammering the 3/4 acre of Lab-Lab planted on Aug 9th. The main 4 acre plot planted July 21st is getting to be about 3' tall. The deer have destroyed a good bit of the red ripper cow peas, iron clay peas and soy beans but there are plenty left. The sunflowers are just now flowering and there are thousands of them. The deer have started eating the sunflowers down to about a one inch stalk from about 3'. I dont know if sunflowers have any nutrional value or not. I put the sunflowres in for the peas to run up and increase my forage but they are getting ate as well. The corn, sorghum, and millet were planted for stalks as well but are getting big and the deer are eating some of the foilage from the as well, not much but they are munching on them. I realize the plot is overgrown with johnson grass and morning glorys but let me tell you the deer are HAMMERING the morning glorys as well.

Heres a sunflower

heres a picture of the lab lab stalks getting destroyed

heres a shot down into the thick stuff. You can see soybeans and cow peas

heres some DER and chicory at one end

more Lab-Lab

New Zealand maxximum planted 08-29-07

where I'll be sitting opening morning 12 yards from lab lab and 40 yardss from big plot

zoomed out view

6 pointer and buddy coming out of lab lab last week. I posted some older pics of 6 pointer last week and many aged him at 2.5. I swear he's gotta be 3.5. If he's 2.5 he's got MEGA potential.
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