Why am I giving these dogs away? I don't hunt them anymore since we moved to a subdivision and these dogs love to hunt. I want the right person to have them and not someone that will turn around a sell them just to make a few bucks.

I'm going to give away two great little dogs to someone that will give them plenty of love and care. They are UKC registered and both are females. They are 2 1/2 years old and has shown a lot of promise in the squirrel woods. A dog house will go with them also. The dog house cost $150.00 just for the materials.

Send me an email and tell me why you should be the person I choose. I will make a decision and contact you by email on 9/15/07. Remember, I want them to stay together.

I live in Russellville, TN
My email: cwevans625@adelphia.net