5 Shots Ruger 77/17 25yd

50.0 H4198 350gr Hornady RN .45-70

Backed down 1.5gr to 48.5gr of H4198 and look at how much the group improved.

Finally got the buckhorn sighted in. 90gr T7 350gr Maxi-Hunter. 25yd 3 shots

moondog's buckhorn 100gr T7 and a 295gr powerbelt aerotip. 25yd 3 shots. The 2 to the right were from sighting in, the one on top was already in the target.

Remington 721 .30-06 220gr Sierra RN 25yd. Not that good but considering it has open sights, 1" is very good IMO even at 25yd.

Remington 700 CDL-SF .30-06 165gr Nosler partition over 56.0 H414. This is at 50yd but its average group at 100yd is the same or less.

The day's arsinal. Top to bottom, remington 597 .22LR, my .50 buckhorn MZ, moondog's browning stainless stalker .325WSM, my .50 buckhorn, my CDL-SF, my 721, my Ruger 77/17, my .45-70, my .300WM.
Spike bucks come with their own meat skewers.

Alright, I'm here now who wants my autograph??