Got my samples in the other day.

Thanks to a lot of back breaking work by myself and other members for the last 3 summers with shovels..................

My perennial fields have a freakin 6.7ph!!!!!!!!! Three years ago, they were like 4.7 and 5.1, ect. Three years ago, a lot of these fields were under inches of bark, limbs and pine needles. Thank goodness for the box blade and tractor. lol

My other fields were 5.8 or there about and the farm fields were also 5.8. Called for no lime this year. COurse, we limed the pee out of the fields on the lease part back in early summer.

My lowest was 5.3 on the long road. Guess I'll plant wheat and rape there and pray, although I suspect something will grow there now.
Official BTR Scorer in NW Alabama and southern middle Tennessee