Rode the bike 340 miles or so yesterday round-trip to Shawneetown and Cave-in-Rock, IL. Wound up in the middle of the Hog Rock rally - but that's another story.

Anyway... on the way out of town, stopped at MoMo's Korean BBQ in Clarksville for a quick lunch. Dropped a full piece of cucumber kimchi down the front of my white shirt, red sauce and all. Could not get the red out of the shirt for nothing - trying to flood it with water had no effect. Heck with it, I'm riding not modeling for a fashion show.

Pulled into Old Shawneetown 110 miles later, and not a trace of the stain to be found. Apparently the wind hitting the shirt separated the red sauce from the fabric. Took a real close look after I got home and nope, not a trace of a stain.

I think I'll be experimenting with the air compressor next time I drop something on a shirt; there's got to be a scientific principle of some kind at work here.
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