I didn't really expect to do very well this opening day.
It was so dry you couldn't walk quietly, and very hot.
Even worse, there seems to be little soft or hard mast.
But within minutes of first light, I had fired 3 times and dropped 3 squirrels from the first tree I found some cutting.

A few minutes later, I found another tree and quickly dropped 3 more from it. Had 6 in the bag before sunrise. Then the action got a lot slower, and the wind started picking up. Was still able to kill 10 squirrels before 9AM and call it a day.

I found three different hickory trees being cut (accounting for 6 squirrels), one poplar (3 squirrels), and one white oak (1 squirrel). The mast crop seems very poor, but it is not a total mast failure in Stewart County.