Had 2" of rain last night at the farm. Decided to bite the bullet and do some planting. No sooner did I get done when another major rain came in this afternoon. We'll see what happens and I'll keep you updated. I will not be back in the woods until season.

For the first time I'm doing a deep woods plot. It's the smallest plot I've ever made, and the hardest one I ever did.

Location- Bottom of a knob, 50 yards from a spring fed pond.
Prep- Early July I sprayed Gly-4 and did a kill off. Two weeks ago I weed eated to the dirt. Last night it rained 2" finally giving me a soil I can work with. Today I went in and wraked debris, and then broke more ground with the spike tiller. Result = some really great ground with about 4 hours of scattered light a day. Product = a HOOK special blend. \:\/



Ground Prep

Area Complete

Winter Wheat Here

Winter Wheat & Rape on the top end of this field. You can see where it's cultipacked. Planting Clover & Kale in the rest of the field later.

Busy day!! Keeping the fingers crossed!

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