I have a male and female for sale. $150 each of $250 for the pair. They are nine weeks old and have been wormed twice and given their first round of shots. They are 3/4 fiest & 1/4 Streak bred OMCBA cur. Their granddad on both sides was a squirrel treeing, varmint killing machine and their dad is a hog baying champion. Their mother will tree squirrels and kill varmints with the best of them.

I sold one of their littermates for $300. I am letting these go because I am moving and wont be able to devote much time to them this winter.

I also have a beautiful pair of Plott/cur pups for sale. They are black with brindle trim and have the long hound looking ears. They are already baying coons and horses. I am asking $50 for the pair.

My loss is your gain.

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